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The Windshield Replacement Service Your Car Needs in Detroit, MI

Is the windshield of your car damaged beyond repair? You have no choice but to replace it but it won’t be as easy as it seems. It requires proper steps and the appropriate tools. For a successful replacement, consider booking a windshield replacement service from professionals such as Awesome Auto Glass. We can properly replace the windshields of the cars of our clients in Detroit, MI.

Windshield Replacement Service

Why Hire Pros?

Instead of replacing the windshield yourself, you should leave the task to professionals because of a few reasons. First, you need to know how to do it properly. Proper training is needed if you want to successfully replace the current windshield with a new one. Second, specific tools will be needed as well. Without them, you won’t be able to remove the existing windshield at all let alone install a new one. To be able to successfully replace the broken windshield of your car, hire professionals like us to do it for you.

We Can Replace Windshields!

Our windshield replacement service follows a series of steps to ensure that the new windshield will be properly installed. First, we’ll check what kind of windshield you have so that the replacement will be the same size and shape. We’ll then prepare the tools needed so we can correctly install the new windshield. We’ll properly remove the existing windshield, making sure we don’t damage the car itself during the process. We’ll then proceed to install the new windshield, making sure that it won’t move. If your windshield is in need of replacing, you know who to call.

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Awesome Auto Glass provides the windshield replacement service you need so that you can finally have a new windshield. Does the windshield need to be replaced? Car owners in Detroit, MI can contact us at (313) 479-2413 today so that we can start with the replacement task right away!