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When to Call an Auto Glass Service for Door Windows

Common Causes of Door Window Nicks and Cracks

Windows are certainly a crucial part of the vehicle. While windows are a vital part of an automobile, such as the windshield, side, and rear windows, these windows will often get damaged. Most of the time, damage requires an auto glass service. If you are interested in knowing what might have caused your windshield to get nicks and dents, look below.

Roadside Debris

Roadside debris like tree branches can travel with the wind and cause damage to your car and its windows, especially on the sides, roofs, or windshields. If you see road debris near your vehicle, stay away from the vehicle if the debris goes airborne. Once the debris hits your car, you will also be in trouble. Road debris can cause significant damage to a windshield, but it can also break your car windows. Make sure that your car windows will be safe and sound by staying away from roadside debris.

Roadside Puddles

Did you know that over 100 million potholes form every year in the U.S. alone? If you have the pleasure of driving on these roads, you are very likely to notice the damage they cause to your windshield. Aside from roadside debris, puddles are another common cause of damage to your car windows. Since the impact of water is more significant on the outside of your car windows, the effect can cause more damage.

Roadside Clinkers

These are small pieces of metal that can cause significant damage to your windows. They are usually caused by road debris or construction. If you’re wondering why you experienced dings or cracks on your windshield, chances are you have clinkers on the road. You need to clean your windshield to eliminate debris that could damage your display. You can also go to an auto glass service center to have them checked and repaired if needed.

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