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Tips from Back Windshield Replacement Experts

Windshield Maintenance Tips That Everyone Needs to Know

Like many car owners, you probably already know that you should replace your auto glass ASAP once it becomes too damaged to fix. But, while immediate front or back windshield replacement is important, you shouldn’t stop there! You must also know how to take good care of your auto glass and keep it away from damage. Here are some simple but effective tips that you can use:

Clean your windshield regularly

This is the most basic step in auto glass care, but it’s also the step that many people forget to take. If you find yourself neglecting your windshield cleaning duties, remember this: even the smallest speck of dust or dirt can cause scratches on the glass once the windshield wiper comes down. So, to protect your windshield from damage, you should clean it once every two weeks or so.

Use the right cleaning products

When washing your windshield, don’t just grab the first cleaning products you see! This comes from the fact that not all tools and materials are ideal for auto glass. In fact, a lot of them — including paper towels, household sponges, and ammonia-based cleaners — can do significant damage to windshields. Stick to products that are specially formulated for windshield cleaning, and make sure to apply them using soft microfiber towels only.

Be mindful about where you park your car

Extreme temperatures can cause stress cracks to appear on your auto glass and even cause existing cracks to widen and grow longer. So, when you’re out and about, make sure to find a shaded parking spot instead of leaving your car out under direct sunlight.

Use these tips to keep your auto glass in good condition! If you’d like to get more advice, or if your windshield is already in bad shape and has to be replaced, don’t hesitate to call Awesome Auto Glass. We offer top-notch back windshield replacement services and other professional solutions in Detroit, MI, and we can provide your car with durable and high-quality auto glass. Contact us now at (313) 479-2413!