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Things to Know Before Getting a Back Windshield Replacement

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Your windshield may be the most overlooked feature of your vehicle. A car windshield is a complex piece of glass that helps keep you safe while you’re out on the road. The different layers of the glass must work together to keep the wind and elements out of your car. If you’re wondering when is the best time to replace your windshield, here are some signs to take note of before getting a back windshield replacement.

Sagging Windows

Poorly fitting windows will let the wind rush through your car and make a loud whistling sound. Your windows will also make your car susceptible to wind damage. If the wind can’t pass through your windows properly, the air pressure on the other side of your windshield will be greater than the surrounding air. This force will try to pull the windshield forward, causing it to warp or even pop out.

Creped Windshield

Because the wind can’t pass through your car, it has to go around the top of your windshield. When the top layer of your windshield is in good condition, it will start to curve and mold to the shape of the glass. If it starts to become too thin, then the wind pressure will become too great and the glass will start to warp.

Light and Sound Leaks

You can also take note of any light or sound leaks. These are a few indicators of damage to your vehicle’s windshield. The sound of air leaks can be heard over the radio when the song switches from low to high. If the windshield is starting to become a focal point for the sun, your side windows will begin to heat up from the reflection of the sun. This can warp your windows or leave burn marks on your window.

If you encounter one or two of these problems, repair them yourself. However, if you experience all three issues, then a professional auto glass repair expert like Awesome Auto Glass should be contacted. We are based in Detroit, MI, and we offer quality back windshield replacement. If you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at (313) 479-2413.