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Reasons You’re in Frequent Need of Auto Glass Repair Services

What’s Behind Common Auto Glass Damage?

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new car, undergone a windshield repair, or upgrade your existing auto glass, damage to newly installed glass can be both inconvenient and costly. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common causes of damage to the newly installed auto glass so that you can be more prepared to take steps to prevent the need for a frequent auto glass repair service from happening.

Temperature Changes

In certain environments, sudden temperature changes can cause the auto glass to crack. When the temperature rises or drops significantly in a matter of a few seconds, the glass can’t adjust quickly enough and stresses and strains can cause cracks, chips, or even more significant damage.

Road Debris

Moving debris from cars kicking up stones, pebbles, and other objects can cause chips, scratches, and other blemishes. This may happen when a rock makes contact with the glass, or it may occur if the debris hits the windshield with enough force to cause damage.

Improper Maintenance

By not properly caring for your auto glass with regular maintenance, dirt, grime, and corrosive materials can build up. As these buildups become more severe, they can start to damage auto glass.

Inaccurate Installation

Improper installation of windshield glass and other car windows can also lead to damage. If the glass was not installed correctly in the first place, it may become vulnerable to minor impacts and other factors that could cause it to break.

Sun Damage

Auto glass can also be damaged by ultraviolet radiation and infrared light from the sun. Over some time, this can cause the glass to crack and become brittle.

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