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Make Sure Your Back Windshield Replacement Will Last

4 Surprising Ways You May Be Damaging Your New Back Windshield

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle. One of the most important is your back windshield. If you’ve recently had it replaced, you may think that you’re in the clear. However, there are some surprising ways that you may be causing more damage to your new back windshield without even realizing it. So be sure to make your new back windshield replacement last by avoiding the below habits!

Using Harsh Chemicals

When cleaning your back windshield, it’s important to use the right products. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to the glass and reduce its lifespan. Instead, opt for gentle cleaners specifically designed for automotive glass.

Slamming Doors

You may not think that slamming your car doors could cause damage to your back windshield, but it can. The force of the slam can create vibrations that can weaken the glass over time. Make sure to close your doors gently to avoid this issue.

Scraping Ice

If you live in an area with cold winters, you know the struggle of scraping ice off your car. However, using a scraper on your back windshield can cause scratches and other damage. Instead, use a de-icer spray or let your car warm up before driving.

Ignoring Chips and Cracks

Even small chips and cracks in your back windshield can grow into larger problems if left untreated. Make sure to have any damage repaired as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

Always Be Careful

Don’t let these common mistakes cause damage to your new back windshield. Take care of your car by avoiding harsh chemicals, slamming doors, scraping ice, and ignoring chips and cracks.

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