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Hiring an Auto Glass Service to Fix Your Cracked Windshield

Dangers of a Cracked Windshield

Your windshield chip might not appear to be much; it might even be smaller than a quarter in size. As a result, you could be inclined to continue driving as usual. Nonetheless, it might be risky to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield. Your car’s windshield plays a critical role in the structural stability and safety features of your vehicle. It is much more than just a large glass pane. For an accurate windshield replacement or repair, be sure to engage with a reliable auto glass service.

Compromised Vehicle Structural Integrity

For the cabin of a car to be structurally sound, the windshield is crucial. For instance, the windshield can maintain up to 45% of the cabin’s structural integrity during a front-end collision. This percentage increases to 60% in rollover collisions. Your windshield needs to be placed properly and damage-free in order to benefit from this essential support.

Damaged Safety Glass

Conventional windshields are made of two sheets of safety glass that have been joined together with vinyl resin. In the case of an accident, the resin is made to help keep individuals safe. The resin stops windshield glass from flying through the air even if it may crack and break. Safety glass is also made to protect people inside the car who aren’t wearing seat belts safer in the event of a collision. If the safety glass is broken, there is a far higher chance that unbuckled passengers will hit the front windshield during a front-end crash.

Unsuccessful Passenger Airbag Deployment

On the passenger side of a car, the windshield is also essential to a proper airbag deployment. The front-seat passenger will be protected against impact by the airbag once it has bounced against the windshield. Yet, the impact of an airbag can crack or shatter a chipped windshield. A weakened windshield can also make an airbag inflate through it during a crash rather than shielding the passenger.

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