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Car Window Scratch Repair Tips

Common Culprits Behind Car Window Scratches

Car windows are made to be durable, but they’re not invincible. Even a slight scratch can become a significant annoyance, not to mention it can impair your vision while driving. Most people don’t realize that window scratches can occur in a variety of ways. Identifying the cause of these scratches can help in both prevention and repair. Here are the common causes of frequent car window scratch repair jobs:

Dirt and Debris

The simplest yet most prevalent cause of window scratches lies in dirt and debris. Whether it’s sand, small rocks, or road salt, these particles can attach themselves to wipers or cleaning tools. When you use them, the trapped particles scratch the window. Always ensure your cleaning materials are free from debris.

Faulty or Worn Wipers

Wiper blades are meant to be gentle on your windows, but when they wear out or get damaged, they can become a menace. A broken wiper can easily cause scratches with its metal parts. Regularly check your wiper blades for any signs of wear and tear, and replace them when needed.

Poor Cleaning Techniques

While cleaning your car may seem straightforward, using the wrong materials or methods can result in scratches. Avoid abrasive cleaners and rough sponges. Always opt for products designed for automotive glass and soft, lint-free cloths for wiping.

Vandalism and Accidents

Though less common, intentional acts of vandalism or accidental scratches from objects like keys can happen. While it’s hard to prevent these, parking in well-lit and secure areas can reduce the risk.

Window Tint Application

If you’re applying a window tint, be cautious. A single mistake in the application can lead to scratches. For this reason, many people opt for professional window tinting services.

Regardless of the cause of the damage, be sure to get it fixed immediately. There’s no reason to delay anyway as Awesome Auto Glass is here to offer you efficient car window scratch repair services in Detroit, MI. Dial (313) 479-2413 for inquiries!