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Avoid Windshield Damage With These Helpful Tips

Driving with a cracked windshield is risky since it could result in death. Many little problems are simple to solve. Before you leave on a trip, check the auto glass to identify any flaws and make the necessary repairs. What do qualified auto glass service providers suggest for avoiding serious windshield damage?

Driving with caution

A three-second rule is a straightforward approach. This means that you should leave a minimum of three seconds for stopping between you and the car in front of you. Maintain a braking distance of five seconds when the road is bad. In general, avoid driving too closely to any car on the road.

When the road is covered in gravel, slow down!

Many of the country’s highways are covered in gravel or construction truck waste. If you see something like that ahead of you, you should slow down and avoid driving quickly. Your windshield is vulnerable to flying road debris if you can see the car in front of you stirring up dust, and it could crack without warning. If you want to prevent windshield repairs, try to avoid driving in regions where trucks spread gravel on the road.

Park up in covered parking lots

Avoid leaving your car in an open, unguarded parking space for an extended period. Use them solely if you simply need to stay a short time. Your car’s glass can be broken by flying debris, hail, icicles, and other objects.

Use the appropriate de-icing products

In freezing conditions, you can get high-quality auto de-icing products from any auto store. To complete the task safely, however, always read the manufacturer’s advice.

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